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Feb, 15

[ building a streetwear // lifestyle clothing brand ]

Hello hello and welcome back to another episode of building a streetwear // lifestyle clothing brand, well at least my journey into it. It is going to be pretty cool when the day comes and I can look back at all these posts and be able to see the formula. The ingredients so far are simple. 1cup of heart, 1cup of persistence, and 2cups marketing. Bake on high, until you your items are in demand.

[ profiles ] This week I made a list of individuals who I feel I would like to do a profile on. Even had a buddy who is on the list ask me about, he seemed really interested which started turning the wheels even more. While doing these profiles you have to ask yourself a couple questions. Who in my circle are the influencers? How can I leverage both entities? The main thing to remember is it has to relate back to your brand. OBF is about building a family of individuals who put their heart into their work, while indirectly helping others, but you also want it to be used for marketing, help both entities to grow.

[ routine ] Always talking about getting into some sort of a routine. lately, I have been waking up at 8 everyday and getting whatever work I need to get done before I have to go to work. It feels good having all this extra time in the morning and not feeling rushed. The next step is staying focused on the task at hand, and allocating how much time to spend on what. One can get side tracked real easily now. The phone goes off, you want to watch your favourite show. This especially sucks with netflix because all the episodes are all available one after another. This is where you learn the skill known as self control, if you haven’t taught yourself it already. Stay focused and allocate time to grow your brand. It won’t just happen overnight. Every single day I am spending working on it and trying to grow it. It has consumed my mind, how do I make it better? What can I do next? How will I sell all these shirts? What can I do this week? There is a lot to think about from the marketing, to the designing, and everything in between. One thing that has helped me stay focus is my office. I officially built my very own humongous desk. This little thing has helped get organized to the max.

steel pipe desk

This week I will be focusing on getting the brand out there. Emailing tons of businesses and just connecting in general. So far one of the greatest things thats happened is from a simple tweet. I have built a relationship based off a tweet. What started out as a fun project turned into a paid project. We are still building upon this relationship as well, who knows where it is going to take both brands. I want to create many more of these relationships because it helps me grow and gives me practice. Take this past week for example. Family member [ dscott ] was playing a show at Revival and he was wearing one of my shirts. No one is going to go out and take photos for me, so I grabbed my camera and went to the event. This gave me the time to practice taking photos which I enjoy, and gave me some marketing material. Plus it was good supporting the people that support me.




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Looking forward to see what this week brings me. If you guys ever have any questions you can always email me at mikey [ at ] obfclothing dot com.

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