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Jan, 16


hello hello hello

yes i know i’ve been gone for a very long time but it’s never too late to pick up where you left off.

from now on i will be taking you through my every step. back to the basics with this dewd.

i will keep it very short and sweet for my return.

few things:

released some beanies…sold out within the hour

made some pullovers….didnt release them yet and i am almost sold out…i will release what is left this week…have to keep the family happy

remade some beanies with two new colours…releasing possibly tuesday

the process for the beanies went as follows

• found a supplier (most annoying part)
• ordered new labels (they turned out perfect)
• got them stitched on by a family friend
• finna take some photos at the store again
• upload them to the site this time
• find secret location
• post up, post tweet, watch em fly
• add on the rest of the pullovers

this week:

sell beanies

talk with homie about collaboration some more (you guys are going to be stoked on what we are cooking up)

cont’ some form of routine

finish spring collection

finish side design work (great for making extra mulla, and honing in on our own skills)


the main thing that will be changing is i will be doing very limited quantities, very limited.

“if you get it you get it, if you dont you dont”

“if you didnt get it, you wasnt about it”

take care.


if you cant wait every sunday for updates follow my every move on the social





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