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Aug, 15


This next guest is genuinely a great guy. He was one of the first ones to reach out and support OBF. This dewd right here has always been down to help out OBF and ask if I needed anything. I present to you Liam Higgins ladies and gentlemen. Honestly I am glad to know he has my back. Below you will find a little back and forth we did.

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Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A. I’m Liam Alexander Higgins, I’m a 21 year old photographer and cinematographer born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and am currently based in the Greater Toronto Area and Detroit, as well.

Q. Why do you do what you do?

A. As intricate as most people might make things out to be, I’ve always just loved shooting photos and making videos. It started out years ago when I broke my leg skateboarding. In order to stay involved while not being able to avidly participate, I thought ‘why not just pick up the camera’ and emulate some of the guys on YouTube that are making cool videos of their friends on boards? At the time, I was using a Canon ZR700, (I think?) and I’d make all these petty little montages on YouTube that I would share with all my friends. While, this only really lasted a year, I gave it up for a few more years until I started back up again once entering College.

Q. How long have you been a photographer for?

A. I started getting heavily into photography about 3 years ago, and I’ve been constantly at it ever since!

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. It’s really hard to say at this point in time, because I think I’m in a really developmental stage. I’m really into taking a more cinematic approach to my work, photos included, and would like to say that I try incorporate a lot of extremely important areas of my life into my photography. My interest in fashion and the colour aesthetic really comes through in a lot of my photos, but at the same time, I try not to over compensate with editing, but rather build a nostalgic feeling in my photos.

Q. What is your most embarrassing moment?

A. Although it’s kind of a funny, but cliché thing to say, those who’re around me long enough know that I just kind of embrace whatever is happening in a moment and look at it as positive as possible. Even if it can seemingly be a little embarrassing, I just purposely make the situation a funny one for everyone instead of feeling that anxiety of embarrassment. So with regard to that, I honestly can’t even think of anything. Formatting a card on accident was probably the worse moment of my life though.

Q. What is your favourite thing about your photography?

A. Not so much about my photography, as much as my progression as an artist in general, is that I’m infatuated with the fact that I’m constantly growing or evolving. The really great thing with art is that within respectful grounds, you can do whatever you want, and you can really use your imagination to describe the world and people as you see them. I love colour so much, I think it’s one of the boldest elements of photography. How your colour looks evidentally portrays everything. While composition is heavily important, I pay huge attention to colour.

Q. Who inspired you to pick up a camera?

A. Derek Cianfrance, no doubt. Upon seeing movies like Blue Valentine and Place Beyond The Pines, the way he directed those movies gave me such a passion for the design of story. While I originally was supposed to attend university for creative writing, telling a story has always been close to me, and I think Cianfrance really opened my eyes about how not just the story is important, but the actors, the colour, the setting, the look of your characters and so on and so forth, it’s way more work and understanding than people make it out to be.

Q. Do you have any favourite photographers? Who and Why?

A.I wouldn’t say there’s any necessary photographers I would call my ‘favourite,’ but there is a style of photography I really try to reconstruct in my own way. Pages on Instagram like @bleachfilm, @waitingontheworld, @dark.daisies have posts that motivate me to shoot more than anything. If I really did have to name any photographers that I really like, I would have to say Dragan Andic, Will Jivcoff and Rob (@_rcph_]. Those guys know everything behind a camera, in my opinion.

Q. What websites do you visit the most?

A. Besides the staple social media sites, I don’t really deviate much outside of those. I really enjoy Reddit, haha. You can find some awesome photography on there!

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. My lifetime goal with photography and cinematography is to open my own production company. I want to run and manage everything that goes on, while still being heavily involved on set. I think that’s extremely important with any business; to be heavily involved in what ACTUALLY goes on, instead of just being a bystander and collecting your riches. Secondly, travel is a huge part of my interests in life. I feel there’s so much left to see, and if all the photography I’ve seen thus far in life has taught me anything, is that there’s never enough things to document and enjoy. They all hold very special memories, be the one to tell that story!

Q. If you could be a mix of two animals which two you would be and why?

A. Haha wow, I’ve never been more puzzled answering a question in my life. I’d have to say a pug and piglet, so a puglet? Both of those animals are so adorable, it breaks my heart every time I see them.

Q. Three words to best describe yourself?

A. I feel like I might not be able to answer this question without being incredibly cheesy or cliché, but definitely ‘Stay Happy There.’ Even though this is a song title of a band, I think it speaks a lot of volume. While ‘There’ can constantly change, I think staying happy shouldn’t. I’ve gone through a lot of things over these past few months and it has caused me to go places where I thought I’d never thought I’d see myself. Not even physically, but emotionally. I think the most important thing in life is being aware of how much perspective plays a role in healthy living. It’s pretty simple: If you’re unhappy, change it. Whether it’s the people around you, the choices you make, or the things you see ahead of you, approach them with a good mindset and attitude, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and feel better about everything around you. But, more important, if you’re not, then make the change to bring yourself back to the happiness you deserve. While many artists argue that depression and insanity breeds creativity, living a happily and fulfilled life can also do so much for your mind and how you see things visually and creatively. Stop worrying about others and focus on yourself sometimes.

Q. Why did you buy an OBF shirt?

A. Minus the fact that Mikey is the absolute man, supporting local has always been super important to me. Knowing that my money is being invested in something that’s going to better my immediate surroundings in my community is the coolest thing ever. More local talent, businesses, art, fashion or anything for that matter, means more people are being involved in their passions. Which means around you is an increased quality of life, which will always affect you and create more opportunities to inspire and share with one another.

Q. What do you like about OBF?

A. OBF stands for ‘One Big Family,’ and that in itself represents something that seeks to create a collaboration beyond just art, fashion, music, etc., but advocates for humans everywhere. With everything that’s currently happening in the world, I think the idea of OBF supports the idea that we’re in this battle together. With things like war and terrorism constantly flooding the media in a very forward and frontal fashion, I think it’s safe to say we live in a world where our thoughts, lives and potential are compromised by indifference. With this growing idea of competition and domination in the world, we forget that at the core, we are all humans and that we need to support each other constantly for that core value we possess. One Big Family is seen as a collective that accepts all as one and aims to consider all ideas, values and importance of one another. Uniting the family is just the first step in bettering a community of people to feel welcomed for who they are, and to spread that love and positivity to expand the family.

Q. Do you have any top photos you would like us to share?


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Hang Ten,


Nov, 14


VEW.06 (very exciting week N˚6)

Well well well so we meet again…

What can I say about this week? Some minor set backs, the winner has been chosen, and the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK 2XXX has been completed.

Lets take a minute to reflect on some of these minor set backs. Yeah set backs suck because I am really excited to get my brand out there and going, but it prepares me for the next release and how to time things a bit better. Constantly becoming more efficient and organized is what I am taking from all of this trying to start a clothing brand. I had to reschedule the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK 2XXX a couple of times. This rescheduling did lead me to a better idea thou. I am pleased to say the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK is humorous yet sophisticated. Another minor set back is packaging. Still trying to find that perfect packaging. I may skip on the brown butcher paper and go with a brown heavy duty paper wrapped in hemp string. The last hiccup is the other half of the t-shirts are not ready yet. Those are just a couple of the minor set backs but it is ok because this whole thing is a learning experience.

The winner from the OBF INSTAGRAM // TWITTER // TUMBLR CONTEST has been chosen. He goes by the username @mateoroksandic. His winning comment “Jizzin’ out my eyeballs ’bout the new #OBF collection.” I thought this was extremely hilarious, so he won. Below you will find the picture I had the family comment on with their own caption.

obf obfclothing one big family windsor detroit streetwear lifestyle clothing mensclothing menswear mensfashion mens style

The last item for discussion is the 2XXX OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK. After the third rescheduling I decided to go against shooting in Detroit Michigan. I wanted something even closer to me. Turned to my friends and they gave me some great ideas which made me think and one thing lead to another. We decided to shoot it in a forest located in Windsor Ontario. Now the lookbook is even more on strategy with a cool concept. On the day of the shoot the weather was optimal. It was cloudy which was great for shooting in. My only negative feedback was, it was cold and I was naked. We got all the shots I needed and had fun. I want to thank @keylowmatt & @zackreeb for helping me out with the shoot on such short notice. Below you will find a sneak peak at the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK.

obf obfc obfclothing one big family lookbook mens menswear mensfashion fashion mensstyle style life lifestyle clothing brand streetwear brand new art photography lookbook

That is everything for this week, next weeks VEW should be very exciting.

Hang Ten,


Oct, 14


VEW.04 (very exciting week n˚4)

Time was definitely ticking this week. I don’t know where the time freak’n went. I remember when I was a kid time seemed infinite. I had nowhere to be and the day was long. Now it is the complete opposite.

Every Monday I try to get into a routine and stick to it. It is 11:34pm right now and I have already showered and brushed my teeth. I usually do not do that until around 1-2.  Today my mom told me I am passive aggressive. It really struct home with me after I looked it up. I have so much to do and on my mind that I don’t get anything done. Then I start to feel rushed an anxious. Then I get short tempered. So I think the best thing to do is to get into a healthy routine, one where I wake up early in order to get things done so it helps me throughout my day. If this clothing brand is ever going to succeed I feel this is an integral part.


This week I did what I said I was going to do last week and that was get half of the OBF Naturally Selected t-shirts labels sewn on. My moms seamstress finished those a few days ago and now it is time to bring the other half to him. Now I can finally order the packaging and start packing the t-shirts up and make them look like a million bucks. Still trying to locate a supplier for brown butcher paper to wrap the t-shirts in. Each shirt will be wrapped in the butcher paper, tied with hemp string, and include a OBF Naturally Selected t-shirt as well as a sticker. However I would still like to include a thank you card that I will personally sign and number.

This week I also got to meet up with the photographer for the lookbook. His girlfriend and him came over to chat with my girlfriend and I. We have some great ideas and the lookbook should turn out to be one hell of a lookbook. Right now I say it competes with the godfathers in the industry, hoping one of the blogging sites picks it up. Would be real tight to see OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK on the Hypebeast homepage while I do my daily trolling.

The last thing that happened was I found out my co-workers buddy work for a printshop. I gave him the specs and the prices I received, and he said he could have done that if not better. Knowing this a few months ago would have made things a lot easier. It would have been nice to travel to the printshop. This new relationship is good thou because now for the next series it will be more hands on. To me finding the right printshop is like finding a song to a DJ. We shall see how things turnout with these guys.


instagram obf obfc obfclothing one big family tumblr streetwear life lifestyle mens mensfashion menswear  streetstyle style mensstyle

Thats it for this very exciting week N˚4. When people start reading these I hope it helps someone out.

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Hang Ten,


Oct, 14


VEW.03 (very exciting week n.03)

I was never a big fan of writing sh*t, so I never know how to start these OBFCLOTHING blog posts or where they will take me. There are always a couple of points that I try to get across in every post and I hope you the viewer catch ’em. Without further ado I present you with this weeks VEW.03 aka V °3.

This week I needed to get a couple things done in order to launch my brand in Windsor, Ontario. No one can buy my sh*t if they can’t see it. Sent out a couple text messages and voilá, my good buddies @LiquidWild agreed to do the shoot for me. LiquidWild is run by a group of three rad dewds in Windsor Ontario who each bring something to the table. Together they form a company that has the capabilities of providing your brand with photo, video, web, graphic design, branding, and of course any social media needs. It was great working with these guys because it was organic, and we got done what was needed.

Another thing I had completed was a checklist for the lookbook photo shoot that will be taking place in Detroit Michigan. I went over this list a couple times and this week I will go over it once more. No date has been set thou, on my to do list is contact the photographer. I want to aim for a November 1st launch.  Coming in at a strong second place of sh*t I need to get done is getting the tags sewn on. Half will be done this Tuesday, the other half as soon as he is done those. Coming in third is finding and ordering the packaging. As well wrapping all the t-shirts and getting them organized. If you follow me on Twitter you would have noted that I did make a pretty sweet inventory spreadsheet on excel that I am pretty proud of. My partner and I did some fine tuning this week and now it is f**k’n immaculate.

Below you will find an image of Sean photographing the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED // DODO CLUB shirt.

obf obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear life lifestyle detroit windsor menswear mensfashion mensstyle style outfitThe next image is of his dog. I thought it would be funny if we photographed the dog in with each shirt. I have never seen any company do that but I changed my mind….maybe the next photo shoot.

obf obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear life lifestyle detroit windsor menswear mensfashion mensstyle style outfitNow for the moment that changed my week completely. I made a breakthrough with what direction I want to go in with my brands logo. It all came about after I finished reading an issue of Frank151 which featured Nick Tershay aka Nicky Diamonds aka the founder of Diamond Supply Co. I felt really overwhelmed because I felt really connected with his story. So without hesitation I decided to message him on Instagram. To my surprise he responded back to me with some great words.

obf obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear life lifestyle detroit windsor menswear mensfashion mensstyle style outfitAfter receiving this response I got back to thinking about my brand.  Since my brand is all about One Big Family and to get a big family you need population, and the only way to populate is birthing. BOOM! This brought me to mothers, and motherhood. I then proceeded to google top motherly animals in the animal kingdom. What I came across shocked me and steered me in the right direction. I landed on 7 animals which I was interested in attributing to my brand. They are as follows: Polar Bear’s, Octopuses, Orangutang’s, Alligator’s, Elephant’s, Cheetah’s, and Koala Bear’s. Which one of these 7 perfect animals will I use or will I use more than one. One however does fit perfectly with the brand and what I eventually want to turn it into.

I will leave you with this…….I am becoming more organized.

Hang Ten,


Sep, 14


VEW.01 (very exciting week number one)

Since the arrival of the OBF t-shirts this week, it has been non-stop positivity and chaos. After the arrival I posted a quick preview of 1/5 OBF t-shirts being printed, w/ the song We Made It by Drake and Soulja Boy over top. At that moment my world changed forever, never looking back either.

below is a link to the preview


OBF received masses amount of support from people of all walks of life, which is the goal. We had photographers, videographers, artists, thrill junkies, musicians, and some cool people overall hit us up to congratulate us.

support from the homies

Once all the dust settled we got down to business. We took inventory, we checked all the product, and we sorted all the t-shirts. The next step was to get the tags sewn onto some samples. Those came back and we were iffy about the job done. So, back to the drawing board, made some more phone calls and now they will be sewn on with more precision. All the t-shirts will be done in roughly 3 weeks.

Now that the product was there we needed to get it ready. We ran into the photographer at the mall a few days after which was totally random because the dewd is from another country. We were just chit chatting away when he invited me to the Inner State Gallery, which would be showcasing the work of David ‘Meggs’ Hooke.

below you will find some photos from the event

David 'Meggs' Hooke @ Inner State Gallery // Detroit // Art

David 'Meggs' Hooke @ Inner State Gallery // Detroit // Art

David 'Meggs' Hooke @ Inner State Gallery // Detroit // Art

After the Inner State Gallery we journeyed to a liquor store where I was reminded on how real this world is. We were standing in line when I noticed the man ahead of us had a FREAK’N GUN just loung’n in his pocket. I thought to myself you clearly have to use that often if it is just hang’n there. Once we purchased the goods we went to an abandoned factory that had exploded somewhere in Detroit. This place was F**K’n amazing. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life. The thrill of being in something so historic and abandoned was surreal. The best part was I found a newspaper from 1988.

below you will find a photo from the event

Detroit OBF Abandoned Factory Photography

For more images from these adventures check out:




For more information on Inner State Gallery // CLICK HERE!!!

For more information on David ‘Meggs’ Hooke // CLICK HERE!!!