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Oct, 14


VEW.04 (very exciting week n˚4)

Time was definitely ticking this week. I don’t know where the time freak’n went. I remember when I was a kid time seemed infinite. I had nowhere to be and the day was long. Now it is the complete opposite.

Every Monday I try to get into a routine and stick to it. It is 11:34pm right now and I have already showered and brushed my teeth. I usually do not do that until around 1-2.  Today my mom told me I am passive aggressive. It really struct home with me after I looked it up. I have so much to do and on my mind that I don’t get anything done. Then I start to feel rushed an anxious. Then I get short tempered. So I think the best thing to do is to get into a healthy routine, one where I wake up early in order to get things done so it helps me throughout my day. If this clothing brand is ever going to succeed I feel this is an integral part.


This week I did what I said I was going to do last week and that was get half of the OBF Naturally Selected t-shirts labels sewn on. My moms seamstress finished those a few days ago and now it is time to bring the other half to him. Now I can finally order the packaging and start packing the t-shirts up and make them look like a million bucks. Still trying to locate a supplier for brown butcher paper to wrap the t-shirts in. Each shirt will be wrapped in the butcher paper, tied with hemp string, and include a OBF Naturally Selected t-shirt as well as a sticker. However I would still like to include a thank you card that I will personally sign and number.

This week I also got to meet up with the photographer for the lookbook. His girlfriend and him came over to chat with my girlfriend and I. We have some great ideas and the lookbook should turn out to be one hell of a lookbook. Right now I say it competes with the godfathers in the industry, hoping one of the blogging sites picks it up. Would be real tight to see OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK on the Hypebeast homepage while I do my daily trolling.

The last thing that happened was I found out my co-workers buddy work for a printshop. I gave him the specs and the prices I received, and he said he could have done that if not better. Knowing this a few months ago would have made things a lot easier. It would have been nice to travel to the printshop. This new relationship is good thou because now for the next series it will be more hands on. To me finding the right printshop is like finding a song to a DJ. We shall see how things turnout with these guys.


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Thats it for this very exciting week N˚4. When people start reading these I hope it helps someone out.

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