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Jan, 16


hello hello hello

yes i know i’ve been gone for a very long time but it’s never too late to pick up where you left off.

from now on i will be taking you through my every step. back to the basics with this dewd.

i will keep it very short and sweet for my return.

few things:

released some beanies…sold out within the hour

made some pullovers….didnt release them yet and i am almost sold out…i will release what is left this week…have to keep the family happy

remade some beanies with two new colours…releasing possibly tuesday

the process for the beanies went as follows

• found a supplier (most annoying part)
• ordered new labels (they turned out perfect)
• got them stitched on by a family friend
• finna take some photos at the store again
• upload them to the site this time
• find secret location
• post up, post tweet, watch em fly
• add on the rest of the pullovers

this week:

sell beanies

talk with homie about collaboration some more (you guys are going to be stoked on what we are cooking up)

cont’ some form of routine

finish spring collection

finish side design work (great for making extra mulla, and honing in on our own skills)


the main thing that will be changing is i will be doing very limited quantities, very limited.

“if you get it you get it, if you dont you dont”

“if you didnt get it, you wasnt about it”

take care.


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Jan, 15

[ building a streetwear // lifestyle clothing brand ]

It has been a lot longer than I expected. The good news is I am back and throttle blasters are at full speed.

I have been thinking a lot about this streetwear lifestyle brand and what I need to do to get it to the next level. Implementations will be taking change, I will let you know how that goes.

So while I was afk [ away from keyboard ] a lot happened. The first major thing that happened was I started doing a lot more design work, as much as I could for as many as I could. My business partner does consulting on the side and he tossed me a couple projects to work on and hone in on my skills. I am proud with how they turned out. The cash flow from that will be going towards my new desk that I want to build. My office is just driving me nuts and in turn I’m not being as productive as I could be. I have also been working with a group based out of Miami known as PAPERWATER. These dewds are mad respectable because they think just like me. They are the shit, we are figuring out how to get both brands leveraged. I am in the driving seat, this shit is real now and everything matters. Recently I started doing some design work for a music blog my friends will be curating. The graphics are turning out to be awesome. I really enjoy the style that I have adapted, it always makes me laugh when I think about it. Also, even more recently I have been put in contact with a streetwear / lifestyle brand based out of Michigan USA. My buddy who I met at 100k (which I will get into later) put us in touch, said we had to check each others brand out. Super impressed with this brands creative.

What really gets me going is that so far none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for my streetwear / lifestyle brand. I have already succeeded a little bit by growing my family.

Im in love with the fresh snow

Got it in Colorado

Repp’n Zumiez from Ontario

100k I got 100k

100k I got 100k

What is 100k you ask? Well at the retail store I work at [ zumiez ] if you sell a certain amount [ 100k ] you get to go on an all expense paid trip to Keystone Colorado. Since there are a ton of Zumiez employees who sell a 100k only the top get to go. I personally sold a whopping 205k. The best part about this trip is all the owners of all the other brands are there, and they mingle with you. It really motivated me even more. Brands were everywhere, I was talking to Bobby Hundreds, Benny Gold, dewds from Sector 9, dewd from Forties and Shorties, dewd from Mishka, and a couple others. Really opened my eyes to how real the hustle is. The most memorable thing that happened was the dewd from Sector 9 vouched for my brand in front of the Canadian buyer for Zumiez. I will be emailing him this week about the brand and seeing if I can move it into Zumiez. Another great part about the trip was we were able to go snowboarding down a legit mountain. Took me about 40min to get back down. The whole experience was priceless.

I have been trying to beat my previous goals at work in order to secure my spot for next year.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is productivity.

I am still trying to get into a routine that best fits my lifestyle. This is an extremely difficult thing to do. I really want to start my mornings earlier and get everything ready for the day. Today I saw on pinterest a couple ways to improve this. One is to do all the things on your list that take less than 5 minutes right away, as soon as they pop into your head. Another was get into a bed time routine so you are not wasting time in the morning. So tonight I packed my lunch, picked an outfit, showered, and grabbed everything I will need for tomorrow. No time will be wasted tomorrow, I hate making decisions in the morning. Still trying to get back to the gym which is very difficult as well, but I need to make time for it. Health is super important to me. I want to live till I’m like 150, don’t give a shit.

Anyways I hope you enjoy this post I will definitely be seeing you guys on Sunday.

Hang Ten,


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Nov, 14


VEW.07 (very exciting week N˚7)

Welcome to this weeks very exciting week N˚7. We have some things to cover that is for sure. First and foremost the launch is getting closer and closer. With that I am getting super excited to be able to share a part of myself with the world. Being fortunate enough to able to chase my dreams. Last week I came down on myself a little bit, had a rough day. Received a text from my girlfriend that changed my attitude immediately. It read you should be grateful you are able to chase your dreams. This opened my eyes right away, and thought to myself, one of the reasons I am doing this is for others. That bad day slowly went away. I rarely have bad days because there is no reason for them.  As Bob Marley would say every little thing gonna be alright.

So on todays docket we have shipping, good news, and social media. Lets just jump right into this shit.

This week we had a conference call with one of the major postal services in north america and it went great. It is a win win for us because there are no fees, how could we say no. Now the next step is to get it integrated with all our shops and have it set up. We need it for the main store on wordpress, our etsy site, and amazon/ebay store. This is going to be tough getting all the orders organized and sent out in a timely manner. I have been following a couple brands who are ahead of me and been around for awhile and just getting their shipping down now. These brands are inspiration because I get to see their struggle, their wins, and they give advice. That advice is crucial, saves me time and money, and I feel more connected to the brand. The brand that stands out the most for me is The Legends League. This dewd post some of the most meaningful stuff. I highly recommend everyone check him out.

Do you know what I like? I like some great news, here we go. THE T-SHIRTS ARE FINALLY ALL FINISHED!!! I picked them up yesterday and now its time to package them all. I can finally upload the images to the site and get the ball rolling. The video will also be up this week on the website. Funny story about the video, I accidentally leaked it while uploading it to vimeo. Instantly had to contain the situation because my closest friends/supporters reblogged, shared and retweeted it as soon as it was uploaded. I felt like a mobil hq for some serious shit. I am very thankful to those who support me, truly respect the people in my life backing me.

Social media is my best friend and my worst enemy. I am just so confused over this youtube channel linked with google plus. Did not know what I was doing. The brand some how has two channels, and one is linked to a google+ page that I thought was for the brand but is for myself. So I have to make a page for the brand and link it to the channel that uses that domain name for the brand. Then I have to delete the other one but you can’t until you delete the google+ page for that account. Anyways I tried my hardest to understand it but could not do it myself. My partner and I will go over it tonight so I can fully understand that shit.

Can’t leave a post without posting up a few pictures.

The one below is a contest I entered for rip n dip. Sadly I did not win but gave me great insight on how to win future contests.

nermal ripndip clothing streetwear skateboard brand new life lifestyle mens mensclothing mens style mens fashion obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family


Now this image below is of the highway. One night after work I snuck up the son of a b***h and got some stellar photos. I didn’t want to alarm anyone so I was in hiding the whole time. So thankful for timed exposure because I do not have to hold the button down.

nermal ripndip clothing streetwear skateboard brand new life lifestyle mens mensclothing mens style mens fashion obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family


That is it for this weeks VEW.07

Hang Ten,


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Nov, 14


VEW.06 (very exciting week N˚6)

Well well well so we meet again…

What can I say about this week? Some minor set backs, the winner has been chosen, and the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK 2XXX has been completed.

Lets take a minute to reflect on some of these minor set backs. Yeah set backs suck because I am really excited to get my brand out there and going, but it prepares me for the next release and how to time things a bit better. Constantly becoming more efficient and organized is what I am taking from all of this trying to start a clothing brand. I had to reschedule the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK 2XXX a couple of times. This rescheduling did lead me to a better idea thou. I am pleased to say the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK is humorous yet sophisticated. Another minor set back is packaging. Still trying to find that perfect packaging. I may skip on the brown butcher paper and go with a brown heavy duty paper wrapped in hemp string. The last hiccup is the other half of the t-shirts are not ready yet. Those are just a couple of the minor set backs but it is ok because this whole thing is a learning experience.

The winner from the OBF INSTAGRAM // TWITTER // TUMBLR CONTEST has been chosen. He goes by the username @mateoroksandic. His winning comment “Jizzin’ out my eyeballs ’bout the new #OBF collection.” I thought this was extremely hilarious, so he won. Below you will find the picture I had the family comment on with their own caption.

obf obfclothing one big family windsor detroit streetwear lifestyle clothing mensclothing menswear mensfashion mens style

The last item for discussion is the 2XXX OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK. After the third rescheduling I decided to go against shooting in Detroit Michigan. I wanted something even closer to me. Turned to my friends and they gave me some great ideas which made me think and one thing lead to another. We decided to shoot it in a forest located in Windsor Ontario. Now the lookbook is even more on strategy with a cool concept. On the day of the shoot the weather was optimal. It was cloudy which was great for shooting in. My only negative feedback was, it was cold and I was naked. We got all the shots I needed and had fun. I want to thank @keylowmatt & @zackreeb for helping me out with the shoot on such short notice. Below you will find a sneak peak at the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED LOOKBOOK.

obf obfc obfclothing one big family lookbook mens menswear mensfashion fashion mensstyle style life lifestyle clothing brand streetwear brand new art photography lookbook

That is everything for this week, next weeks VEW should be very exciting.

Hang Ten,


Oct, 14


VEW.05 (very exciting week N˚5)

I will start by saying this week has left me super sore, physically.

My routine has been going pretty good, and I have tried to keep to it. The hardest part is still getting up early in the morning. That alarm goes off and I can not help but push snooze several times. This week I am going to work on getting up early. Something has been added to my routine now as well. Physical activity also known as working out. Now that I am eating a lot healthier I should start working out. My brother dragged me to Goodlife in Windsor Ontario where I signed up for a membership. Since signing up I have gone everyday and left my muscles screaming at me WHHYYYYY! They are so used to getting treated with Krustys pizza in Windsor Ontario, but are instead being stretched and ripped apart.

As per last weeks VEW I said I was going to be dropping off the remainder of the t-shirts to my moms seamstress. He should be done the t-shirts early this week. It is almost time to launch OBFS first series Naturally Selected. I am on a tight time crunch, November first is around the corner and a lot still needs to get done.  As crunched as I am for time thou the main things to remember are: continue to have fun, keep the quality there. The quality is not just for the clothing either, it is for everything. The product is just as important as the message and messages. Whether it be twitter, or instagram keeping everything at the utmost quality possible.

Other than those two things two other things happened this week as well. Some art I did that I will post below and an interesting blog post I read on The Hundreds site about why social media doesn’t matter…..as much as you think it does. I have to agree and disagree with Bobby Hundreds on this one. Yes social media has ups and downs but I feel it is an integral part to getting the message out there. It allows customers the chance to embark in the journey with you. That journey, message, post, image is important to the customers. Just this week I had a fan of OBF reach out to me and tell me the drawings I do are the sickest shit, he is hyped on all the stuff I drop whether it be an instagram post to a blog post he uses it as motivation. I only have 669 followers on the @OBFCLOTHING instagram. So if I can inspire one individual out of 669 to step up and reach out to me, I feel social media is an integral part. I could only imagine how many people the clothing brands that have +100K followers inspire and motivate. Without social media my brand would have not been able to reach out to that kid. I would have a website but no way of delivering it to my customers. Social media allows me (the brand/company) to connect with customers on a deeper level.  This week I will post a reply on his post about social media. One brand I find that does well with taking me on a journey and inspires me is LL. He posts blog posts about his life and what he has gone through, it keeps me motivated. He just got the keys to his very first store. Watching a brand at this stage and others at their stage is interesting because of where I am at. One day I know I will be at the stage LL is at and later down the road I will hopefully be a brand as recognizable and huge as The Hundreds.

If you want to read the article // CLICK HERE

Below are some pictures of the art I worked on this week.

This image is of the crew from Seinfeld. I really like drawings done with a single line. This form of art was pretty difficult because I didn’t know where to start. Do I start inside or outside, the nose or eyes, left or right, up or down.

seinfeld art drawing graphic design illustrator adobe life lifestyle streetwear clothing brand obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family

This image is of Freddy Krueger. It is my standard rough outline with a rough fill. Making art in such a not perfect manner is perfect to me.

seinfeld art drawing graphic design illustrator adobe life lifestyle streetwear clothing brand obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family

Funny thing is after I did this I proceeded to toggle with something in adobe illustrator and created a couple other images with the same Freddy Krueger. These will also be below.

freddy kruger art drawing graphic design illustrator adobe life lifestyle streetwear clothing brand obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family freddy kruger art drawing graphic design illustrator adobe life lifestyle streetwear clothing brand obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family
freddy kruger art drawing graphic design illustrator adobe life lifestyle streetwear clothing brand obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family freddy krueger art drawing graphic design illustrator adobe life lifestyle streetwear clothing brand obf obfc obfclothing one big family unite the family

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Oct, 14


VEW.03 (very exciting week n.03)

I was never a big fan of writing sh*t, so I never know how to start these OBFCLOTHING blog posts or where they will take me. There are always a couple of points that I try to get across in every post and I hope you the viewer catch ’em. Without further ado I present you with this weeks VEW.03 aka V °3.

This week I needed to get a couple things done in order to launch my brand in Windsor, Ontario. No one can buy my sh*t if they can’t see it. Sent out a couple text messages and voilá, my good buddies @LiquidWild agreed to do the shoot for me. LiquidWild is run by a group of three rad dewds in Windsor Ontario who each bring something to the table. Together they form a company that has the capabilities of providing your brand with photo, video, web, graphic design, branding, and of course any social media needs. It was great working with these guys because it was organic, and we got done what was needed.

Another thing I had completed was a checklist for the lookbook photo shoot that will be taking place in Detroit Michigan. I went over this list a couple times and this week I will go over it once more. No date has been set thou, on my to do list is contact the photographer. I want to aim for a November 1st launch.  Coming in at a strong second place of sh*t I need to get done is getting the tags sewn on. Half will be done this Tuesday, the other half as soon as he is done those. Coming in third is finding and ordering the packaging. As well wrapping all the t-shirts and getting them organized. If you follow me on Twitter you would have noted that I did make a pretty sweet inventory spreadsheet on excel that I am pretty proud of. My partner and I did some fine tuning this week and now it is f**k’n immaculate.

Below you will find an image of Sean photographing the OBF NATURALLY SELECTED // DODO CLUB shirt.

obf obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear life lifestyle detroit windsor menswear mensfashion mensstyle style outfitThe next image is of his dog. I thought it would be funny if we photographed the dog in with each shirt. I have never seen any company do that but I changed my mind….maybe the next photo shoot.

obf obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear life lifestyle detroit windsor menswear mensfashion mensstyle style outfitNow for the moment that changed my week completely. I made a breakthrough with what direction I want to go in with my brands logo. It all came about after I finished reading an issue of Frank151 which featured Nick Tershay aka Nicky Diamonds aka the founder of Diamond Supply Co. I felt really overwhelmed because I felt really connected with his story. So without hesitation I decided to message him on Instagram. To my surprise he responded back to me with some great words.

obf obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear life lifestyle detroit windsor menswear mensfashion mensstyle style outfitAfter receiving this response I got back to thinking about my brand.  Since my brand is all about One Big Family and to get a big family you need population, and the only way to populate is birthing. BOOM! This brought me to mothers, and motherhood. I then proceeded to google top motherly animals in the animal kingdom. What I came across shocked me and steered me in the right direction. I landed on 7 animals which I was interested in attributing to my brand. They are as follows: Polar Bear’s, Octopuses, Orangutang’s, Alligator’s, Elephant’s, Cheetah’s, and Koala Bear’s. Which one of these 7 perfect animals will I use or will I use more than one. One however does fit perfectly with the brand and what I eventually want to turn it into.

I will leave you with this…….I am becoming more organized.

Hang Ten,


Sep, 14


VEW.01 (very exciting week number one)

Since the arrival of the OBF t-shirts this week, it has been non-stop positivity and chaos. After the arrival I posted a quick preview of 1/5 OBF t-shirts being printed, w/ the song We Made It by Drake and Soulja Boy over top. At that moment my world changed forever, never looking back either.

below is a link to the preview


OBF received masses amount of support from people of all walks of life, which is the goal. We had photographers, videographers, artists, thrill junkies, musicians, and some cool people overall hit us up to congratulate us.

support from the homies

Once all the dust settled we got down to business. We took inventory, we checked all the product, and we sorted all the t-shirts. The next step was to get the tags sewn onto some samples. Those came back and we were iffy about the job done. So, back to the drawing board, made some more phone calls and now they will be sewn on with more precision. All the t-shirts will be done in roughly 3 weeks.

Now that the product was there we needed to get it ready. We ran into the photographer at the mall a few days after which was totally random because the dewd is from another country. We were just chit chatting away when he invited me to the Inner State Gallery, which would be showcasing the work of David ‘Meggs’ Hooke.

below you will find some photos from the event

David 'Meggs' Hooke @ Inner State Gallery // Detroit // Art

David 'Meggs' Hooke @ Inner State Gallery // Detroit // Art

David 'Meggs' Hooke @ Inner State Gallery // Detroit // Art

After the Inner State Gallery we journeyed to a liquor store where I was reminded on how real this world is. We were standing in line when I noticed the man ahead of us had a FREAK’N GUN just loung’n in his pocket. I thought to myself you clearly have to use that often if it is just hang’n there. Once we purchased the goods we went to an abandoned factory that had exploded somewhere in Detroit. This place was F**K’n amazing. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life. The thrill of being in something so historic and abandoned was surreal. The best part was I found a newspaper from 1988.

below you will find a photo from the event

Detroit OBF Abandoned Factory Photography

For more images from these adventures check out:




For more information on Inner State Gallery // CLICK HERE!!!

For more information on David ‘Meggs’ Hooke // CLICK HERE!!!

Sep, 14


Glad you made it,

I’d like to say the journey to starting a streetwear clothing brand starts now but in reality it started about a year ago in Windsor Ontario. Just chilling on my couch designing  some stuff when all of a sudden it hit me. Why am I not doing this for real? I have been working in the retail world for 10+ years at West49 and Zumiez. I love talking to customers, learning what they like, and getting them in the finest of garments. Most of the kids that want the cool factor sh*t, I show them the Diamond Supply Co section. It is most likely going to get you the most likes on instagram and increase your street cred. Now someone looking for more of the features and functions  I would show them the new OBEY reflector series, or my personal favourite the Stussy (thats pronounced STEW-SEE) reflector series with that 3M reflective material. Now the last and final customer are the ones looking for deals. These are the easiest because everywhere I have worked offers BOGO (buy one get one).  So, after realizing all this I contacted my buddy who knows a lot about the business side of things and made him my partner. Nothing is better than making a deal over a tasty Italian dinner at Spagos.