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Oct, 14


VEW.02 (very exciting week number two)

Where do I even begin….

This is not just going to be a journey into the making of a streetwear company but also a journey into who I am.

A lot has been on my mind lately since receiving my t-shirts from Toronto Ontario. Constantly thinking about whats next, and how can I improve this? Making tons of lists to keep track of everything to accomplish is very overwhelming.  Here is an example of a list that needs to get done in order to move onto the next stage.

  • New passport (mine expires in a week and I need it to cross the border in order to shoot the OBF lookbook in Detroit, Michigan)
  • Sew on the labels (the shirts need to have labels on them for their close up when shooting the OBF lookbook, as well for when they are photographed for the website)
  • OBF Lookbook photographer (we all have other jobs, we need the models, the photographer to all have the same date open
  • OBF Lookbook props & ideas (all the little props and photo ideas also need to be somewhat prepared in advanced as well)
  • Have fun (this is most important)

This is just one of the 100 lists I have written down, organization is key. The overwhelming part is having all these lists and still thinking about everything else. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr can not be ignored when starting a brand, reach is key. OBF has a powerful message to send that will change the lives of many and I want them to hear it.

Getting work done everyday/week is a must. This week I did get the tags sewn on OBF’s first line – Naturally Selected for the OBF lookbook and OBF website. Designed a couple fiberglass chair graphics for Modernica X BYVM. As well designed some new graphics for OBF.

logo obf obfc obfclothing onebigfamily streetwear graphic design lifestyle menswear mensfashion

I am as well still brainstorming what animal or object to attribute to OBF. Big fan of brands that can attribute their brand to an animal.

Top 3 favourite examples of these brands are:

  1. Bape – Ape
  2. Staple – Pigeon
  3. TheHundreds – Bomb

There are so many things to think about that I did not know had to be thought about. While building a streetwear brand you are behind the wheel, you are in full control, and everything is on you. I know I will eventually be able to do everything. I just have to get organized and get into a routine.

Anyways thanks for reading. I will leave you with some images from last nights new spot in Windsor Ontario.

Hang Ten,


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