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Sep, 14


Glad you made it,

I’d like to say the journey to starting a streetwear clothing brand starts now but in reality it started about a year ago in Windsor Ontario. Just chilling on my couch designing  some stuff when all of a sudden it hit me. Why am I not doing this for real? I have been working in the retail world for 10+ years at West49 and Zumiez. I love talking to customers, learning what they like, and getting them in the finest of garments. Most of the kids that want the cool factor sh*t, I show them the Diamond Supply Co section. It is most likely going to get you the most likes on instagram and increase your street cred. Now someone looking for more of the features and functions  I would show them the new OBEY reflector series, or my personal favourite the Stussy (thats pronounced STEW-SEE) reflector series with that 3M reflective material. Now the last and final customer are the ones looking for deals. These are the easiest because everywhere I have worked offers BOGO (buy one get one).  So, after realizing all this I contacted my buddy who knows a lot about the business side of things and made him my partner. Nothing is better than making a deal over a tasty Italian dinner at Spagos.

The past year we worked on a bunch of word documents (ahhaha), called a bunch of print shops, and got everything ready. It was a long and stressful journey but I managed to stay positive throughout the whole thing and not give up. I did watch a lot of inspirational/work hard youtube videos. My all time favourite is The HipHop Preacher. I found the toughest thing was putting in all this work and not seeing a t-shirt for a whole year. A mock up of one does not count either, I needed something tangible. I kept at it and now I have them. I hold something in my hands that will change the world and the lives of many. The plan is to give back to this world, my family, and friends. Donation is very important to me. This world would be a way better place if everyone helped each other and set aside our differences.  I am not just doing this to benefit myself.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the shirts, yes THE SHIRTS will be available shortly as in two weeks. Remember these are a limited run, OBF will not be printing these again. Before we make them available thou there are just a few things left on the task list to cross off.

If you take anything from this first post it should be to put your heart into your work and stick with it.

Hang Ten,


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